The Company

ASEAMCO is an independent geological and mining engineering consultancy providing services to mining and exploration companies, financial institutions, investors, and commodity buyers.

These services cover the full range of resource planning from the design of drilling programs right through to detailed feasibility studies, JORC reports and mine valuations.  These services are provided in Australia, South East Asia and around the world for coal, metals and non-metals mining projects.

Project Planning

ASEAMCO has built a reputation on providing superior solutions to mining projects.  These solutions are achieved by a combination of long industry experience coupled with unique insights into value enhancement.

Some examples are:

  • Determining optimal drillhole spacing to obtain maximum value from drilling programs while minimising exploration costs
  • Improving mining productivity through the analysis of alternative scenarios

Investor Services

ASEAMCO staff have provided technical expertise to banks, mining companies and investment companies in the areas of:

  • Due diligence studies
  • Project ranking studies
  • Lender’s Engineer

Mining Operations

ASEAMCO staff have both the technical knowledge and experience to add significant value to our clients’ projects.  ASEAMCO has wide experience in the evaluation and planning of coal, metalliferous and non-metal mining projects.


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